Eat Crow Fresh

I couldn’t tell you definitively the first time I heard this expression. I vaguely remember being in the corn patch stringing shock line with my dad (to keep the racoons out) while discussing my latest, though not likely greatest socio/economic foible.

Reminiscence aside, the gist of the phrase is if you have to do something unpleasant; eating crow, for example, best to do it right away because chances are it will only get more unpleasant with time.

As it has been nearly two months since my last post here–or anywhere for that matter–I figure I’ve got a little crow on the menu.

Sure, I’ve been busy. Life hurtles along at its usual break-neck pace and I have had more than a little whiplash lately. I’m confident the design community has gotten along quite nicely and would doubtless continue to do so without so much as wondering where I went. But a healthy dose of guilt from a handful of parties (yes, Clifton, that includes you) who believe passionately in the power of discource in design and at least passively in my ability to contribute to it has metaphorically plopped a seasoned breast of crow on my life-plate and, since I don’t want to eat it cold for breakfast tomorrow (the rule at my house growing up,)¬†I hereby commit to one entry every seven days for the next fifty two weeks.


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