I Have Never…

We played this game (I was going to make that a link, but turns out this clean-fun game is a toned-down adaptation of a popular college drinking game…hmm) at Family Home Evening Monday night and I ended up in the middle a lot…personally, I think it had much more to do with the fact that I was in a skirt and high-heel boots than the breadth of my life experience but just to drive the fact home, here is a list of very common things I have never done:

  • I have never seen Mount Rushmore
  • I have never made a prank call
  • I have never watched “Titanic”
  • I have never scored a point in a basketball game
  • I have never attended a rock concert
  • I have never pulled out my own tooth
  • I have never been to the circus
  • I have never made out at a drive-in
  • And, no, I have never been to Boston in the Fall.

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