On Revelation: Seek the Lord Early

One of the few details of the resurrection consistent across all the gospel accounts is that Mary and the other women came to the sepulcher “very early in the morning.” Mark and Luke go so far as to describe it as “at” or even “before the rising of the sun.” It may seem a bit simplistic to paint this as a seek the Lord early moment, but the first people to receive by personal revelation a testimony of the resurrection did just that.

Prophets, sages, and other wise thinkers encourage and bear witness to the blessings of early morning time with the Divine. Russell M Nelson says “I learned long ago that a period of uninterrupted scriptural study early in the morning brings enduring enrichment.”  Ghandi recommended communion with God about commitments for the day as “the first act of every morning.”

But seeking the Lord early can mean other things too. The Lord promises us in Proverbs that “those that seek me early shall find me.” We can seek the Lord early in life—gaining a testimony that will grow and sustain us throughout our lives. We can seek the Lord early when we face questions and decisions; when we find ourselves struggling, alone or frustrated; or when we have sinned or strayed from our path.

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