Today, I Wish…

…that I could just come up with the titles of articles and they would research, analyze and write themselves. I’m pretty good at the title thing. Less so the rest. Currently in various stages of [in]completion in my word processor:

  • “Pipe dreams: What evaluation educators can learn from students’ visions of the ideal evaluation tool”
  • “Evaluators by assignment: Truth and consequences of the mass amateurization of evaluation”
  • “Openness and the information economy: Market share, value propositions and competitive advantage”
  • “Better than free: A capacity-building approach to pro-bono”
  • “Leavening the internet: A latter-day-saint guide to new media”

I’ll let you know when they start writing themselves.

  1. i’d love to read these articles. have they written themselves yet? maybe we should write one together!

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