All in Nerdery

Started classes on Tuesday. Yep. I'm still a freak. I love them. I'm intrigued by new classmates, excited by new opportunities and energized by the feeling of intellectual synergy that permeates campus the first week of classes.

My Million Dollar Idea

Got stuck in the Mexico City airport for about 24 hours. The thing is, I’ve never been alone in this predicament. There always seem to be dozens, sometimes hundreds of somewhat-worse-for-wear businessmen, families, etc. resigning themselves to a very uncomfortable “delay.”

Funny Story...

The first morning I was here, something woke me up pretty early in the morning—must have been before 4am—and I got up and wandered around. It was still dark, and as I walked by an enclosure something, something large, made one of the most hideously frightening noises I’d ever heard.