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YouTube videos hockeystick. Kudzu hockeysticks. Last summer, gas prices hockey...stuck?  Female hormone levels hockeystick about once a month. The US economy is definitely not hockeysticking. You get the picture...

Creativity Outside the Box

We feel vulnerable exposing the deeper reasons for our opinions/desires/edicts, but choosing to do so anyway creates space, loosens things up, allows creativity to wiggle into the loopholes and create compromise and even mutual benefit in situations that otherwise might end up in "impasse."

Not sure if one can technically recant something that's never been formally stated, but I'm doing it. I hereby recant at least 40% of the malicious thoughts, derisive glances and scoffing mutters I've flicked at the retreating figures of unsuspecting consultants during my (still almost laughably short) sojourn in the corporate world.

The Definition of Freelance

It seems in the eyes of these individuals, the Webster’s entry for “freelancer" looks something like this: ['frE-"lan(t)-s&r] noun : a quasi professional whose sub-par portfolio and mediocre intelligence preclude gainful, let alone enviable employment.