#45 … Check

Check another one off the to-do list for my life. Perhaps not as charming as last time, but a happy moment nonetheless. Who would have thought I would pet a penguin in Africa!?


Okay, okay, so I didn’t actually pet the penguin. See, there were signs all over providing sound, even compelling, scientific advice against it–from the delicate ecological balance of this single-beach sanctuary to the potentially corrosive effects of my skin oils on the critical secretions coating their feathers. And others relying on more visceral appeals–don’t know what these penguins’ pet parasite might do in my innards … don’t really want to find out. Plus, the little guys were being so tolerant, magnanimous even, I figured I should at least return the courtesy.  But I was close enough to.

Yeah, I’m pretty much just rationalizing. I really wish I knew what those feathers actually felt like. Ethical behaviour can be so…unsatisfying.

Oh well, I’m still checking it off the list.

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