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Better Than Free

We call this pro-bono work--donated time and expertise to causes (or sometimes just people) we believe in. Is it valuable? Of course. Is it a good thing to do? Certainly. But it's pretty solidly on the "handing out fish" end of that classic analogy.

1st question, 1st day of class: place the fields of design along a continuum from ARTSY to TECHNICAL. We discussed, debated, proposed ideas and shot them down, and finally agreed on the following criterion; If a professional were forced to FAIL in one of these two areas, which would they most likely choose?

Trust the Rope

"Write a blog post" has been [near the bottom] on my personal task list for several weeks now, but only after some gentle prodding from a friend did I consider WHY it wasn't getting done. I was afraid.

My Branding Toolbox

I spent a good deal of time as a child tagging along behind my Dad as he framed houses, repaired cars, installed plumbing etc. In fact, given my height at the time, I have much more vivid memories of the carpenter's tool-belt he wore than I do of his face.

I Call That Art.

Spent the last week in Kaua'i. Rough life, I know. It was nothing short of heavenly. This being my first trip to that anomalous paradise we call the 50th state of the union, I had day-dreamy expectations at least 20 years in the making and wasn't sure the real thing would measure up...It did.