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The Simplicity This Side of Complexity...

I love the quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes: "I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity. But for the simplicity on the other side of complexity I would give my right arm;" but it had not until recently occurred to me that such garden-variety simplicity could actually be worse than useless.

If relevance is really as simple as relation to the matter at hand, then the more matter I have "at hand" as a student; the more curious and engaged I am, the more connected I become to the people and processes of the world, the more there is to my LIFE, the more instruction I’ll find "relevant.”

Models, What Models?

Among the major OER players there are hints at diversification, inklings of refined value propositions, and some definite short-term cobbling going on, but nothing (in my opinion) unified and coherent enough to be called a "model."

Sense Memories

I call them sense memories because I don’t have any other word for them. Not even memories really, because I don’t remember them. I smell them. I taste them. I hear them. They’re just irrevocably there--fixed on my senses like nuclear-etched shadows on the walls in Nagasaki.