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Mirror, Mirror in the Cloud

Interacting with people on their terms isn’t pandering. You don’t have to become some sort of social chameleon. This is really just another example of the subtle mirroring that makes so many aspects of life easier (and more successful).

Count Me In.

You don’t have to carpool to soccer practice with employee #2 of the next big thing to get, and stay, on the cutting edge of what’s possible. It just takes a little more work.

Too Busy to Blog

Feeling "too busy to blog" has very little to do with the time it takes to sit at the computer and write. When I feel "too busy," what I'm really experiencing is a mind too cluttered, too frantic to process my life and come up with something worth writing.

Social Networks and Reputation

As the responses have continued to trickle in, the magnitute of what these sneaky buggers tapped in to has begun to crystalize. Granted, as far as I know, no actual money was exchanged in this fiasco, but they effectively "sold" their product using my reputation.

Fragmenting Communication

At some point in the past 4 days, Kate suggested pedicures. I didn't remember the date or time. Nor did I remember responding. I checked my inboxes: gmail, facebook and text messages...nope. I checked my RSS feed-reader, chat archives, skype log, twitter updates...nope. I searched my facebook wall, my blog dashboards, my inbox [again.] Nothing. Then I started to feel a little crazy. Were we actually speaking face to face? I would have sworn I'd seen it written. What color was it? What typeface? Have I started "typing" verbal conversations in my head?

I never did find it. Ended up, after a disproportionately long mental debate about what medium to use, sending her an email...and really wondering about the quantity/quality balance of my own "connectedness."