All in Nerdery

Shinrin Yoku 1

My inaugural forest bath involved a half-mile walk along the river in Boston. It was wet. It was COLD. And it was...bafflingly...meditative, restorative, and healing.

#4 - Check.

Ok friends--odd request of the month. I need to borrow some kittens. seriously. one will do, but several would be much, much better.  I promise they will be well-treated and promptly returned. anybody? anybody?

#75 ... Check.

I haven't the slightest idea how I'm going to accomplish most of the items on my list, but that's never bothered me. Far more vexing have been the times I've been tempted to "revise" my dreams.

This one from my Change Management instructor:"The Navy is pretty obsessed with safety. Incidentally, the guys on the nuclear submarines are pretty obsessed with safety too. " Maybe I just needed to laugh, but I thought it was pretty funny.