All in Being Mormon

If Ye Are Not One...

My church's 100+ year history of racism is one of the hardest things about being Mormon for me. Over the years, I've heard that racism explained away, swept under the rug, or even justified with twisted doctrine. That's why Saturday's "Be One" broadcast was so refreshing.

Pitfalls of "Self-Worth"

If there’s anything more damaging than expecting self-worth to come from the self, it’s thinking it comes from others. If the first is seeing “through a glass, darkly;” then the second is like stacking prescription sunglasses one in front of the other, squinting as hard as we can and then beating ourselves up because we can’t see.

As I Have Loved You

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t cured any lepers or raised anyone from the dead lately, but I don’t think that’s what it would take for the Lord to see himself in my attempts to imitate him…however laughable they often are.

Pondering in My Heart

There is a Sanskrit word that ancient teachers used to describe what you might call the benefits of meditation.  The closest English translation is the word “savor” …which I find quite sweet in itself.