#4 - Check.

#4 - Check.

Came back to my desk yesterday afternoon to several puzzling emails inquiring about the cardboard box of kittens supposedly available for adoption at my desk. The wha-? A bit of excavation revealed an email sent by a passing oh-so-clever co-worker from the unlocked iPad sitting on my unattended desk. The next morning, there were two adorable kittens curled up in a cardboard box on said oh-so-clever co-worker's desk.

I mean, how else could I have responded?

Naturally, my first stop had been the interwebs:


"Ok friends--odd request of the month. I need to borrow some kittens. seriously. one will do, but several would be much, much better.  I promise they will be well-treated and promptly returned. anybody? anybody?"

Fail. (though there was some touching concern for my mental health.)

Twitter, same result.

Craigslist, nothin.

Humane Society, no dice.

It simply wasn't 'kitten season,' I was told. Apparently, there's a season. Phone calls to a dozen pet stores, official paperwork transfer and a background check (?!) later and I was finally the proud owner of two adorable Siamese kittens.

They spent the day cavorting across keyboards and conference tables, thoroughly delighting (and distracting) the Domosphere. And I spent the next 48 hours sneezing and wheezing while I placed these two darlings in loving new homes.


It actually didn't click that'd I'd checked off a particularly problematic bucket-list to-do until I handed over the babies' paperwork to their new family and saw the full breed listing: Himalayan Colourpoint Persian.

Most satisfying $160 impulse buy I ever made. ;)

The Blessings of *Reading* the Book of Mormon

The Blessings of *Reading* the Book of Mormon

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Daily Domo