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Better Than Free

We call this pro-bono work--donated time and expertise to causes (or sometimes just people) we believe in. Is it valuable? Of course. Is it a good thing to do? Certainly. But it's pretty solidly on the "handing out fish" end of that classic analogy.

1st question, 1st day of class: place the fields of design along a continuum from ARTSY to TECHNICAL. We discussed, debated, proposed ideas and shot them down, and finally agreed on the following criterion; If a professional were forced to FAIL in one of these two areas, which would they most likely choose?

A Thing of Beauty...

"Oh! You've got to read this! It's beautiful! especially if you're in love." I am not in love, but it was beautiful. And I left his office fairly sparkling with creative energy and a renewed zest for life, love and everything in between.

"Honey, I'm Home!"

I'd tunneled a good distance through said mountain, up to my elbows in suds, when I suddenly caught my reflection [no joke] in the side of an overturned stock pot and realized I was washing dishes in high heels and pearls.

My Branding Toolbox

I spent a good deal of time as a child tagging along behind my Dad as he framed houses, repaired cars, installed plumbing etc. In fact, given my height at the time, I have much more vivid memories of the carpenter's tool-belt he wore than I do of his face.

I Call That Art.

Spent the last week in Kaua'i. Rough life, I know. It was nothing short of heavenly. This being my first trip to that anomalous paradise we call the 50th state of the union, I had day-dreamy expectations at least 20 years in the making and wasn't sure the real thing would measure up...It did.

Packaged to a "Tea"

I firmly believe in the power of one's "design environment"--not your desk, your life. The places you eat and shop, the clothes you wear, what's on your walls... and what's in your cupboards.

Arthroscopic Branding

I had bilateral knee surgery Tuesday afternoon and have since been enjoying a whole new view of life—namely the patch of blue sky above the dumpster outside the bay window, through the frame of my bandaged feet propped on the arm of the couch.