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Too Busy to Blog

Feeling "too busy to blog" has very little to do with the time it takes to sit at the computer and write. When I feel "too busy," what I'm really experiencing is a mind too cluttered, too frantic to process my life and come up with something worth writing.

If relevance is really as simple as relation to the matter at hand, then the more matter I have "at hand" as a student; the more curious and engaged I am, the more connected I become to the people and processes of the world, the more there is to my LIFE, the more instruction I’ll find "relevant.”

#75 ... Check.

I haven't the slightest idea how I'm going to accomplish most of the items on my list, but that's never bothered me. Far more vexing have been the times I've been tempted to "revise" my dreams.

"Ye Have Need of Patience"

I've been vexed all week. Really, vexed. Here's a selection of the blog posts I didn't write this week: "Why Open Education Won't Save the World," "Lurking and Ignorance in Qualitative Research" and "The Malignant Delusion of Educational Assessment.” Like I said... vexed.

Sense Memories

I call them sense memories because I don’t have any other word for them. Not even memories really, because I don’t remember them. I smell them. I taste them. I hear them. They’re just irrevocably there--fixed on my senses like nuclear-etched shadows on the walls in Nagasaki.

The Congo is on fire...again. Rebels and conspiracy and murder and rape. Thousands of refugees and counting. The footage is horrifying, but what got me was hearing the palpable exasperation of the aid workers being interviewed, and realizing that I'm starting to know how they feel. I stood there in the middle of the hallway of the McKay building not sure whether I wanted more to scream or to cry. "Why can't we stop this!?"

Perhaps the question is so vexing because the answer really is, "We could."