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Mirror, Mirror in the Cloud

Interacting with people on their terms isn’t pandering. You don’t have to become some sort of social chameleon. This is really just another example of the subtle mirroring that makes so many aspects of life easier (and more successful).

Becoming Skinner

Perhaps taking passionate, more-convicted-than-you-could-possibly-be stands that move the discipline forward is worth looking arrogant, short-sighted, and foolish several decades down the line…

Take the Next Step

Kristen Cox is a vibrant, engaging woman—disarmingly confident in front of a crowd. She’s been an educator, a politician, an advocate and is currently raising both a teen and a toddler. Oh, yeah, and she’s blind.

Rejecting Behaviorism... Again.

At some point, I am forced to admit that some really smart people believed this stuff; and that these ideas contributed to critical advances in the field; and that someday in the not-too-distant future, students will read about my theories and wonder how any sentient being could have convinced themselves the world worked that way.