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Count Me In.

You don’t have to carpool to soccer practice with employee #2 of the next big thing to get, and stay, on the cutting edge of what’s possible. It just takes a little more work.

Mayday! Mayday!

OK, so the title may be a bit melodramatic, but the experience has been intense (and insightful) so I figured I'd share. TippingBucket is in what's known in aviation as a departure stall.

Negotiation 101: Grow the Pie

Approaching a high-stakes negotiation can feel like preparing for battle. But, though the impulse to approach the table clinging ferociously to your piece of the pie is strong, experts claim it’s often unnecessary, and even counter productive.

Failing Forward

Perhaps the problem is not so much that we fail, that our efforts fall short of our goals (and the needs of the people we work with). Perhaps the problem is with how we fail.