All-You-[Can't]-Eat Sushi

Went out for sushi with some girls from the department (and a husband :)) last week. Feeling more than justified in my reluctance to take anyone's word about Utah sushi, let alone Utah County sushi--I mean, let's face it, "all-you-can-eat" and "sushi" are rarely a good combination, even if you're not landlocked--I (along with three other skeptics) ordered a single roll and committed to "upgrade" if it made the grade. One bite had Nicky melting into her chair, head lolled to one side and groaning in an undeniable state of sushi bliss. The rest of us followed suit and soon the table was a happy mass of tangled chopsticks, flying ginger and very full, yet somehow still laughing, mouths.

We must have ordered before the first bites actually made it to our stomachs, because just at the point that most of us were feeling contentedly satiated, the rest of our order arrived--three heaping platters of rolls and ngiri...

Each of us having passed "full" at least a roll ago and with still at least 60 pieces of delicious sushi on the table, we had no choice but to call in reinforcements. [those of you who missed a call from me but didn't get a message Thursday night, that's probably what it was...]

[my favorite line was Shelley wondering "maybe if I turn my head, I can get it in my mouth before my brain realizes what I'm doing"]

Despite the fact that I was too full to eat again until Saturday morning, I will probably be back to SushiYa. I have decided, however, that "all-you-can-eat" and "sushi" really are a bad combination--even, and perhaps especially, when the sushi's good!

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